what did the elephant wish to protect from the hailstorm

Answer: This story is both a fable and an allegory which symbolically re-enacts the European colonization of Africa. As it happens in contemporary society, we see that the rich and the powerful can buy justice and the poor man is denied his rights. The lion decided to appoint an Imperial Commission/Commission of Enquiry for an enquiry to solve the problem of the man. All stood around listening to the heated argument between the man and his friend the elephant… The man was unhappy with the members of the Commission of Enquiry because there was no representation from his side. The Elephant Whisperer is a true reflection of his ability to be at one with the pachyderms. The elephant went to the man’s hut and requested him to let him put its trunk inside the hut so as to shelter it from the torrential rain. Describe the circumstances that led to the appointment of the Commission of Enquiry. Answer: What kind of hut did the man build, finally? My teachers birthday was last week. Elephants only grow tusks when they are old, baby elephants don't have tusks, just like our babies don't have teeth at first. Cher was on the tarmac at the airport of Cambodia's second-biggest city Siem Reap to greet the elephant and met the vets who accompanied Kaavan on his long journey in … Question 1. This meant that the ivory collectors only killed the grown-up elephants, and the young elephants … Answer: As a result, AWF can ensure enhanced protection of wildlife in these regions, like the Osupuko and Kitome Conservancies in Kenya, as well as provide additional employment opportunities to local communities. Question 22. Answer: Abraha Al-Ashram was the governor of Yemen on behalf of the king of Ethiopia. He is also told that these representatives have been specially chosen by God to carry out the work. peace. disturbance, Question 3. Question 3. The story mocks at the supercilious (arrogant) attitudes of the colonisers who think that it is their duty to reform the backward natives. ‘Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.’ What is the ironical significance of this statement? The man, finding no use of complaining, moves away and builds for himself another hut. It requested him to let him put his trunk inside the hut so that he could prevent it from getting wet in the rain. Elephants also have very low-pitched sounds that allow them to communicate with each other. Answer: Question 3. We help leadership teams lead through change. The protagonist in this story gives a fitting reply to those who think that he is gullible and can be easily fooled. The man built another hut, which was forcibly occupied by the rhinoceros. Even after the complete injustice done to the man by displacing him from his own hut, the animals do not grow kind towards him. If the mighty think that they can continue unabated in their wrongdoing, they will be proved wrong by the meek. The man protested and started to grumble. Who commanded the ministers to appoint a Commission of Enquiry? The elephant promised to return the man’s kindness. Thus, this story undoubtedly proves that “you can fool people for a time, but not forever”. How did the animals exploit the man each time he built a new hut? The word elephant has both Greek and Latin origins. The elephant boastfully says that since the hurricane had gained access to the hut because of the empty space available, he had occupied the empty space and put it to more economic use. Before submitting petitions to place Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot, where it failed, Republican Gov. Then it lay down comfortably inside his hut. Who provided the delicious meal to the Members of the Commission? It was a popular expression of the mid to late 19th century throughout the United States in the Mexican–American War, the Texan Santa Fe Expedition, the American Civil War, the 1849 Gold Rush, and the Westward Expansion Trails (Oregon Trail, California Trail, Mormon Trail). However, the elephant took the man’s tolerance as a sign of weakness and pushing its head inside the hut, threw the man out in the rain. How to Protect Tomatoes From Frost. OR The roots of the word elephant in Latin is divided into two words: “ On a stormy day, the elephant approached the man to let him put his trunk inside the hut so as f to prevent it from getting wet in the rain. Answer: Question 2. OR Had Kaavan been spooked and refused to enter the cage or bolted, his departure could have been delayed for months while the rescue team sought to restore calm and trust … As expected, the judgement was in favour of the elephant because all the members on the Commission were representatives from the elephant’s side. While the animals were thus busy fighting, the man set the hut on fire as planned and burnt it to the ground along with the animals. When an elephant steps on a trap, it does not spring. How did the elephant occupy the hut? What was the elephant protecting from hailstorm? Extension Activity: Imagine you are a reporter for a local newspaper in Makkah in 570 and … What did the elephant promise to repay the man for his help? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What favour did the elephant ask the man on a rainy day? Answer: judgement. OR The Gentlemen of the Jungle Comprehension III. (c) freedom. Question 12. While the animals were thus busy fighting, the man set the hut on fire as planned and burnt it to the ground along with the animals. Thus, the man gets justice by taking law into his own hands. At whose expense did the members of the Imperial Commission have a delicious meal? Answer: Answer: Who made friendship with the man? Who was the secretary of the Commission of Enquiry? The man, being kind and sympathetic, told the elephant that there was only room enough for himself and its trunk. Fill in the blanks using the noun form of the verbs given in brackets. To protect their young from the sun, adult elephants will douse them in … The elephant, one of the ministers of the king, pacifies the Lion King by assuring him that there is no threat to peace and that he was just having a discussion with his friend. But, as the man had feared, the elephant succeeds at winning the case by deposing before the court the false idea that the man had asked the elephant to protect his hut from the hurricane at the time of the torrential rain. Elucidate. The man in question allows an elephant, his friend, to put his trunk inside the man’s hut to protect it from the rain. The man was thrown out of his own house. They stated that Mr Elephant has fulfilled his sacred duty of protecting the man’s interests. Question 25. ___________________________ The man had no alternative as he was afraid that his refusal to build another hut on another site would expose him to the teeth and claws of members of the Commission. U.S. The dispute and fight among the gentlemen of the jungle was for the rights of Thus, in whichever angle we take, the man’s action can be understood and justified. ‘The man’ in this storey symbolically represents the African natives and the animals of the jungle represent the European powers. In whose favour was the judgement given? Question 27. Add your answer and earn points. The author uses terms like ‘better economic use’ to suggest the trade and commerce the colonisers established in the colonised country. What the man couldn’t achieve by using muscle power, he achieves by using the brainpower. Who was called first by the Commission to give evidence? The elephant wanted to turn the undeveloped space into more economic use. The Lion King pleased that the man is a friend of the animals, assures him that his hut is not lost to him and that he would get it back depending upon the findings of a Commission that would be appointed to look into the matter. But, in the case of the man, peace gets linked to his property. What did the elephant always regard his duty? But, his protest is silenced with the explanation that his kind is not educated enough to understand the intricacy of the jungle law. In Echo: An Elephant to Remember , the birth of Ebony is one such occasion. “I have always regarded it as my duty to protect the interests of my friends” was said by the Question 6. Question 3. The faces of the animals were capable of no other _____ (express) except a perpetual smile after the verdict. Question 23. 10 of the 14 of the elephant populations AWF works with are now stable or increasing. Question 4. The elephant told the king that he was only having a little discussion with his friend about taking possession of the f hut which he was occupying. The elephant had absolutely no qualms while justifying its territorial occupation of the man’s hut. (b) It’s not ‘a’ because the elephant doesn’t say that the skin of the man is harder than that of any other animal. The girls dresses were all torn and had to be mended. However, the Commission had no ‘human’ members to represent the ‘man’. Answer: _______________________________ Army of Elephants. On the contrary, the man believed in resolving conflicts through open discussion and mutual respect and co-operation. The elephant. Question 5. Then it ordered an Enquiry Commission to be set up to examine their claims. Question 1. Elephants & the Ecosystem. Then all the other animals came in one by one and finally started fighting for a place inside the hut. Answer: Then he submitted before the Commission that his friend had requested him (the elephant) to save his hut from being blown away by a hurricane. ‘The Gentlemen of the Jungle’ is a political satire on colonialism. Answer: The man grumbled in protest and there ensued a heated argument between him and the elephant. It is clearly seen that the meek can overcome the mighty if the meek are pushed against the wall. OR Only 20% of the area that the animals roam is under protection and in the last decade the overall numbers in the whole of Africa have dropped by 111,000 which is roughly 20% of the entire continents population. 11. Now in Western Africa elephant populations are counted in the tens or hundreds. What is the moral of the story ‘The Gentlemen of the Jungle’? On hearing the noise, the lion, the king of the forest, came along. Then they called the man to state his account of the dispute. Want to learn more about rainforest biodiversity and also help protect it? What did the elephant do to the man after putting his trunk and head inside the hut? Once there lived a man in a little hut at the edge of the forest. It is thought that from 1930-1940 there were 3 to 5 million African elephants roaming the continent. Answer: A Burmese prince on a white elephant attacks Kanchanaburi, Thailand. A Commission of Enquiry comprising some of the animals as members was soon constituted. Lesson: God is Most Powerful. All the huts he builds are usurped by other members on the Commission: Mr Buffalo, Mr Leopard and Mr Hyena. They established full or partial political control over those areas creating colonies, occupying them as settlers and exploiting them economically. Always plant tomato plants or sow tomato seeds outdoors after the last average spring frost date. It is definitely a political satire which shows the devious (cunning) and selfish ways of the colonisers in their relationship with the natives. Kenyatta included this story in his book ‘Facing Mount Kenya’ (1938) as an illustration of the relations between the Kikuyu people and Europeans. He knows that he cannot put up a fight against the powerful animals. No sooner had the rhinoceros seen it, than he came rushing in, only to find that the elephant had already become an inmate. How did the man secure justice for himself, in ‘The Gentlemen of the Jungle’? What did the elephant wish to protect from the hailstorm? Answer: After putting the trunk inside the hut, the elephant slowly pushed his head inside and finally threw the man out of the hut, in the rain. 9. The scene together with the elephant play pieces can be used by the children to retell the story in their own words. Once again another Commission of Enquiry was appointed and the man got the same judgment. Martin Robinson via Getty Images. In my neighborhood, the trees leaves are already changing color. (c) cultivated The man finally built a bigger and better hut a little distance away. This is apparently acceptable. Explain briefly the trial and the judgment of the case between the man and the elephant. An elephant’s trunk has many uses including picking up food, drinking water, and communicating with other elephants. Answer: Ans: According to the elephant, man's skin is harder. But, the elephant, soon after putting its trunk inside the hut, slowly pushed its head also inside, flung the man out in the rain and then lay down comfortably inside his hut. OR What kind of judgement did the man expect? Answer: This plants leaves are rotting due to over-watering. OR To inform future decisions about conservation policy, Nolte has now created the first high-resolution map of land value in the United states—a tool he says will better estimate environmental conservation costs, inform policy recommendations, and help peer academics. The worst enemy of elephants is poaching because there are no controls about how elephants are hunted. This procedure was repeated until all the animals were accommodated with new huts and the man, who had actually built the huts, was expelled from his huts. This allows them to keep in touch when apart and also enables them to recognise if an elephant is a friend. According to the elephant, the man can afford to remain in the rain because Still, elephant poaching remains a problem in some parts of Africa. Question 24. After being repeatedly pushed out of his own huts, the man thinks of a plan to safeguard his rights. Therefore, the members considered his tolerance as weakness and approved the elephant’s action as correct and decreed in its favour. change into passive voice​, d) You save the text file of HTML withextensions​, insert the apostrophe in the correct place. Making use of the opportunity, the man sets his hut on fire and along with the hut, all animals gathered in it are also dead. 0R Answer: Elephant seals migrate in search of food, spending months at sea and often diving deep to forage. The man thought that his hut would be returned to him and that justice would be done. Answer: Fill in the blanks in the table below with the appropriate form of the word. Name any two members of the Commission of Enquiry. What did the elephant wish to protect from the hailstorm? 8. Peace and tranquillity. The changes will … II. 10. Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each: Question 1. The protagonist lived in a hut at the edge of the forest. (b) lion Question 11. _______________________________________ The man started to grumble, and the animals in the nearby forest gathered there to see what the matter was. 100% of the profits from Elephant Highway go towards organizations that actively protect elephants from poachers. The elephant and the other ministers. _________________________ Answer: Comment with reference to the story. The students schedules had to be changed in order to accommodate the special assembly. Elucidate. 9. They were all selfish and hypocritical people, just as the jungle king lion himself was. The universities decisions are still coming in. In this turmoil, the lion came along roaring and warned the animals not to disturb the peace of his kingdom. Mr Rhinoceros. Elephant conservation is a hot topic and something that is much practised in many parts of the world – elephants enjoy human company when the humans in question are kind to them and don’t attempt to slaughter their babies, and as a result they’re extremely easy to keep in captivity. (d) to fill the empty space in the hut. amazement. Lawrence Anthony was a conservationist and author known as "The Elephant Whisperer" who passed away on March 2nd. Answer: The phrase seeing the elephant is an Americanism which refers to gaining experience of the world at a significant cost. Every fable ends with a moral. The members of the Commission of Enquiry were well-versed in jungle law which advocated the maxims ‘might is right’ and ‘survival of the fittest’. When we are dealing with our contemporary poets which of the following is likelyto affect our judgement ? Answer: Ans: The elephant put its trunk and the head into the hut and pushed the man out. The man, who sympathized with the elephant, told him that his hut being small, there was only room enough for its trunk and himself. Answer: He builds a hut which is big enough to accommodate all the animals. Question 8. He built a bigger and better hut a little distance away. Since the man had to admit that the undeveloped place hadn’t been occupied by anyone else before the elephant had occupied it, the elephant’s act is considered an act of kindness and the man is ordered to build another hut at another place. Moreover, none of the jungle representatives cared for justice. —Ralph Helfer, author of Modoc. According to the elephant, the man had invited him into the hut (a) occupied Question 1. What fear made the man accept the judgement of the Commission? The only question the man was asked by the Commission of Enquiry was whether the undeveloped space in his hut was occupied by anyone else before Mr Elephant assumed his position. The wronged man has no alternative but to build a new hut because he is afraid that the powerful animals on the Commission would be cruel to him. The elephant only says that the skin of the man is harder than that of the elephant’s. In 1999, Anthony rescued and rehabilitated a group of … Question 26. Answer: On hearing the noise, the lion, the king of the forest, came along. His exploitation continues unabated for a while. Anthony’s story of his trials and tribulations in preserving a herd of African elephants is a parable. What were the members of the Commission of Enquiry reputed for? Since the man had no alternative but to obey their orders, he built another hut. Asian Elephants are smaller than African elephants. (a) elephant. Answer: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. III. Elephants are a very important part of the ecosystems they inhabit. The king of the jungle claimed that he wanted peace and tranquillity in his kingdom. Legislation The sharp decline in elephant populations from poaching during the 1980s led to a series of laws and regulations to help protect the species. The onslaught of the animals on the man, time and again, marks the ‘European expansion’. Question 4. The man, who sympathized with the elephant, told him that his hut being small, there was only room enough for its trunk and himself. The statement, ‘You can fool people for a time, but not forever’, is a time-tested maxim/saying. Pakistan's lonely elephant Kaavan arrived in Cambodia by cargo plane on Monday to start a new life with 600 fellow pachyderms at a local sanctuary, the result of years of campaigning for his relocation by American singer Cher. However, they can still reach 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in height and up to 6 tonnes (13,230 lb) in weight (although most are around 2.7 tonnes / 5,950 lb). _____________________________, ........ ....GOOD EVENING GUYS............​. Elephant Herd Rescue Impala From Cheetah Hunting Welcome to Animals Channel ! In 2014, Tanzania, Gabon, Botswana, Chad and Ethiopia established the EPI to encourage elephant range states, NGOs and the private sector to work together to protect elephants… Question 9. This being the case, the Enquiry Commission members being animals of the forest, clearly understood that the man can only grumble and protest but cannot do anything physically to evict the elephant from his hut. On a stormy day, the elephant approached the man to let him put his trunk inside the hut so as f to prevent it from getting wet in the rain. OR Where did the elephant fling the man? In chronicling the sharp decline of elephant populations in the 1980’s, he was the first to alert the world to the poaching crisis and helped bring about the world ivory trade ban. Why was the man unhappy with the members of the Commission of Enquiry? Question 3. He told the elephant to put its trunk in gently. A heated argument ensued between the man and the elephant. This way the man built several huts one after the other, and all of his huts were forcibly taken over by the animals. True /False However, the tale of woe of the man doesn’t end with the elephant. Why was no human being included in the Commission of Enquiry? He requested him to let him put his trunk inside his hut so that he can shelter it from getting wet in the rain. _____________________________ A Kikuyu, he was one of the earliest and best-known African nationalist leaders. Ans: It was protecting its own skin from hailstorm. Considering that the average height of people in the ancient period was several inches shorter than today and horses were not especially large by this time, elephants were quite simply towering imposing figures akin to … Thus, the man gets justice by taking law into his own hands. However, each year 23,000 elephants are killed by illegal poaching and this amounts to an elephant being killed every 15 minutes. The protagonist lived in a hut at the edge of the forest. Question 28. OR Do you agree with the action of the man at the end? The world of animals is pitted against the man to suggest that among human beings, some are like animals in their cruelty. Question 1. Question 2. The lion ordered his ministers to appoint a Commission of Enquiry to examine their claims and to report accordingly. What did the elephant want to protect from the hailstorm Ask for details ; Follow Report by Bindunppn2366 07.09.2018 Log in to add a comment The soldiers salaries were given late this month. Elephant males may not form the same kinds of close-knit friendships as female ... they "get in there, drink, protect the little ones, and get out."

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