Date:April 03, 2018

Annie Roden, Student Programs Manager – East Region


  • 5 years with Kindred RehabCare
  • Graduated from Fontbonne University
  • B.S. in Development

Main Role

  • I am the Student Programs Manager of the Eastern US Region for Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services – RehabCare. As Manager of Student Programs, I support our academic partnerships and rehab facilities in the Eastern US Region. I am responsible for the relationship management with all our academic partners in the East as well as all student initiatives for my area. Our team is responsible for the facilitation of student clinical internships and the coordination/attendance for all on-campus events; guest lectures and career fairs as well as attending national conferences. Additionally, I work with our operations teams in the field and the recruiting team to understand area staffing needs, building a pipeline of potential new graduate candidates for referral from clinical internship placements or candidates I’ve met at student events, for the opportunities throughout my area.

Favorite things about Student Programs

  • Why do you like your job? Student Engagement. Being a resource to students, building relationships with them and then once they are on the job front, facilitating the handoff to recruiting to help them find their first position as a new grad. Hearing the students I’ve helped and have a relationship with accept a job with us is so rewarding.
  • What motivates you to do what you do every day? Being given the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and bright team of individuals has opened the doors to understanding the world of business and therapy so I am able to best support our clinicians in the field as well as the schools and students we support.

Professional Words of Wisdom

  • Become the best version of YOU. Success is the smallest part of the task, how you get to that point is what matters, even if it involves failures along the way. At the end of the day, your happiness and more so the happiness you bring to others is the goal.