Date:September 13, 2012

Judy Freyermuth, PT

Judy Freyermuth, PT a graduate of Marquette University, has close to 35 years of clinical and operational experience, working with all ages in a variety of settings.  She was the therapist for the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic in Southeastern MA, for 11 years, where she gained extensive experience in wheelchair seating/positioning manual and powered mobility.  She gained additional experience in the area of seating and positioning through work with brain injured children and also at a day habilitation program for cognitively impaired adults.  She has been employed by Kindred Healthcare (Rehab Division) for the past 23 years where she has worked primarily in geriatrics in skilled nursing facilities.  Judy has provided extensive education in regards to Seating & Positioning Falls/Restraints, Cognition and various other clinical topics, across the country.  She co-presented at the 2013 International Seating Symposium as well as both the 2014 and 2015 APTA Combined Sections Conference.  She is an active member of the APTA, including the Geriatric Section and Neuro Sections.  She is Secretary for the newly formed Assistive Technology/Seating and Wheeled Mobility SIG, under the Neuro Section.

Fun Fact About Judy – Judy’s most valuable credential earned is MOM!  She is the proud mother of six awesome children and will be welcoming her first grandchild any day!

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